A deposit is required to hold a puppy. I accept a postal money order, Walmart money gram or cash,
no checks, please.
The deposit is nonrefundable, unless a health issue comes up before the puppy gets to his/her new
home. The buyer must take the new puppy to a licensed vet within 3 days (excluding Saturday or
Sunday) of delivery or pick up of the pup.  This is a MUST! If the buyer doesn't take the pup to be
checked, the health of the puppy cannot be guaranteed.

All puppies will be vet checked by the seller's veterinarian, wormed, and up to date on vaccinations
before the puppy goes to his/her new home. A health certificate will be obtained if the puppy is
traveling out of state by Delta cargo.   Each puppy comes with a Limited Genetic Health Guarantee for
the first year of the puppies life.  This Guarantee is only for death caused by genetic defects of the
heart, liver, kidney and lungs.  This does not include colds, Hypoglycemia, diarrhea, coccidia and
other parasites, which
are easily treated. Nor does it cover abuse, neglect or any infectious diseases after the buyer takes
possession of the pup.  The buyers licensed Veterinarian must provide the Seller with a written
document stating the exact cause of death as verified by a copy of the Necropsy. If death was caused
by a genetic defect and Sellers veterinarian agrees with the findings, the pup will be replaced with one
of equal value as soon as one becomes available. If the Buyers vet exam reveals the puppy has a life
threatening disease or genetic defect,  the puppy will be exchanged for a puppy of equal value when
one comes available. The puppy will be returned at the buyers expense. The buyer must notify the
seller within 24 hours of the vet exam of the intent to return the puppy for replacement. If these
regulations are not met, the guarantee becomes void. Cash refunds are not given. All veterinarian
costs after delivery/pick up of the pup are the buyers responsibility.

We cannot guarantee size, coat, bite or patellas once the puppy has left the Sellers possession.  
Seller does guarantee the male will have two testicles at breeding age if bought as a breeder dog.
Hypoglycemia  (low blood sugar) is not a genetic condition and is susceptible to all toy breeds.

The seller retains the right to refuse to sell a pup at any time.  If for any reason you cannot keep your
Pomeranian, I retain the right to buy back the pom at no more than the price I sold to you. Perennial
Poms can be
returned at anytime, regardless of age.

The buyer agrees that he/she is not acting as or is part of any representative in the purchase of this
puppy and that the buyer will not sell the puppy or any of it's offspring to any representative,
laboratory, animal broker, puppy mill or pet stores.

If any legal action were to be necessary in this agreement or the puppy it refers to, by buyer or seller,
all legal actions must be made and completed in the town and state in which the seller resides.